Posted by: taritai | December 17, 2007

New Journal

If you feel like you’re lost, you probably are.

New linkie:


Posted by: taritai | September 24, 2007

Moving on up!

As most of you have probably noticed (if you even check this webby anymore, lulz), I’ve stopped updating here.

No, I’m not quitting the game or blogging, but I’ve been offered hosting space!

Where and by whom?

Jowah of, of course!

ā¤ much love, my Italian sister!

I haven’t put up the url for the new site yet (looking up layouts. Nevermind, found one! Just have to alter it the way I want to!) because I’m still working on it, but rest assured…once I have, you will all be able to see it…and you will have to change your bookmarks.


šŸ˜” *cough*

Seriously, you could probably figure out the url….but if’n you do…yeah the site looks weird, but keep in mind I am changing it as we speak!

In the mean time…I’ll post to my livejournal account, beca use has been shutting me out of at random intervals.

Posted by: taritai | September 12, 2007

SMN, gil, work!

So I’m 22!

Didn’t get many birthday wishes this year..actually, got close to none, which is completely new…but apparently when your family disowns you for no real reason…it’s to be expected.


I’m back in New York, back at work, and about to start school this week. I have “Linguistic Analysis” (easy course which is centered around what my B.A was all about. Originally was tested out of it…but I just need a stupid easy course for this semester till I graduate with my M.A from New York University!) on Thursdays and Swedish I (:D For ARDETH!) on Wednesdays. I hope it’ll be an interesting semester.

Final Fantasy wise, the idea of transfering servers still plays around in my head. Shiva seems to be seriously dead…like…beyond dead. There are some big name shells out there…but they are all either filled with drama, filled to the brim that it makes no sense to apply or just…known for some “shady” happenings.

Let’s see…the ones I know of are the following:

  1. HopeFromAsh
  2. AncientTechnique
  3. CoD
  4. RedWings
  5. LPKids
  6. TaruSoDelicious

I think that’s all right now. HfA isn’t offering me what I want from a shell. They are good people, but not exactly what I want. I would likeĀ to do Salvage, Assault, see an HNM or two, do SOMETHING. Mostly it’s Sky, repeatable Dynamis for those people who for one reason or another can’t make it during the actual time,Ā Limbus (don’t have the money to just throw 30k every week right now)Ā and other things that I’m just like “wha?”.

I think it’s a bad sign when you don’t even care to say “Hello” in the shell anymore, much less go to the events or keep the pearl on for very long. Points? I could care less. I don’t think I’d have a problem doing things for fun, but I just can’t bring myself to be…enthused or eager to go do things as I once was.

Simply put, I’m bored.

AncientTech isn’t accepting applications.

I see nothing about applications for CoD.

RedWings aren’t operating on my time.

Thanks to Isawa, lol, a group of people from LPK have contacted me about applying, but I wouldn’t go without Meph.

TSD seems friend based–i.e, you know a friend, you get in.

I’ve toyed with the idea of setting up an Assault group [can’t get any interest though…most people I know who want to do Assault, do it with their respective Linkshells…can’t get much support in HfA either.], then moving on to Salvage…maybe becoming something more as I learn more…

But when you feel like you shout for hours with no response, you have to wonder if your efforts will ever work out!

My days are filled with farming with Meph and trying to get help on my Avatars to eventually go after Fenrir…which is proving taxing :(. Can’t seem to pull together any help for it.

Maybe this weekend will be better…!

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